Chapter 430

The hotel receptionist immediately went to check Sarah's room. Nigel urged the receptionist as he comforted Sarah. When the receptionist arrived at Sarah's room, he found the door was opened slightly with the safety door chain still attached. It could be seen that someone really came and opened the door. Sarah, who was hiding in the bathroom, only came out when they assured her that she was safe. After that, the hotel staff came and checked everywhere and apologized to Sarah, saying that a guest had probably mistakenly entered her room. Such an excuse was ridiculous. Nigel, who had been on the phone, heard it and said to Sarah, "Pass the phone to the receptionist." Sarah did as he said and let him communicate with the staff. Sarah did not know what Nigel had said, but the staff appeared more humble now, and he kept apologizing on the phone and even bowing. Sarah thought Nigel was really attractive at this moment. Not long after, the staff passed the phone to Sarah, apolog

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