Chapter 432

"Anne's skin was wrinkled when she was born. At first, I thought, why did I give birth to such an ugly little thing? The larger she grew, the better she looked. Fortunately, I didn't throw her away," Sarah said with a smile, recalling Anne's face with a satisfied and happy look. Next to her, Nigel listened with relish. "I gave birth to her, but I didn't have the confidence to support her financially. I handed her over to my brother and sister-in-law and gave them living expenses in private. But later I found out that my brother was not a good father, and he bullied my sister-in-law, so I could only give more money, hoping they would treat Anne better..." Sarah seldom told people about her past. "You had your difficulties." "I often ask myself, if I told you about the existence of my child, would my life be different?" Sarah laughed at herself. "Looking at her cute and tender face, I feel bad that she doesn't have a father who loves her. When she was treated badly by my brother,

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