Chapter 454

Anne's fierce voice came through, "I'm hungry!" More than a dozen high-level executives, including Oliver, immediately held their breaths. Who was it? Who dared to speak so arrogantly to the person in charge of the Archduke Group? More was yet to come. "Hurry up and give me something to eat! You don't think I only need to eat three meals a day, do you? Don't you feel hungry in the afternoon? Don't you want some fruit snacks? I like sweets, buy me some cakes and milk tea. I want a cheesecake and milk tea with light sugar, do you hear that? Why don't you speak?" The atmosphere in the conference room was chilling. Would Anthony burst into a rage? They were too frightened to move. Nobody knew who this person was, but Oliver knew it as soon as he heard the voice. What a time to make a call… "I am in a meeting." Oliver had been with Anthony for a long time, and he looked over in astonishment and incomprehension. 'At this time, shouldn't he just hang up?' Why was he an

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