Chapter 460

"Fine, you are ungrateful about me telling the news." "Go and tell everyone that your daughter died, please!" Before getting a response from Dorothy, Sarah hung up. Sarah could not believe that. She was panicking, her hands did not know what to do, and she could not think. Has something really happened to Anne? However, Nigel said that Anne was busy with the month-end financial closing! She could not contact Anne, could it be because… Sarah called Nigel. Nigel was checking out the geographical situation upstream when his phone buzzed. He took out the phone and saw that it was Sarah. His hand shook. Subconsciously, he did not want to answer the call, but he could not. He walked to the side and answered, "Woke up?" His tone was not abnormal. "Tell me frankly, did something happen to Anne?" Sarah asked desperately. "Who told you this nonsense?" "Why is her phone not connected? She is so busy that she has no time to give me a phone call? Plus, your wife deliberately

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