Chapter 491

Though the person did not introduce herself, Anne already knew who it was as it could only be Dorothy. She knew Bianca's number and there could only be another person as vicious, that was the reason why she rejected the phone calls earlier when she saw the unknown number. She simply deleted the text message to keep herself from arguing with Dorothy, before calling the nanny to make sure that her children were taken care of. She spoke with the triplets for a while and told them that she was on a business trip, and that she had not disappeared like the last time. The children remained understanding and agreed to wait for her to get back. At night, Nigel reserved the room next to Sarah's and told Anne to get some rest there. "You should take that room. I will just sleep here," she said. There was a couch in the room, but Nigel was too tall to be sleeping comfortably there, so Anne decided she should stay with Sarah instead. "Just go. I can sleep here. Go on," Nigel insisted. Anne

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