Chapter 504

"He won't do it! I'm here!" Bianca said. Nigel got dressed, went downstairs, passed through the living room, and was about to leave. "Where are you going?" Dorothy asked anxiously. Nigel did not answer her, nor did he stop walking. Soon, they heard the sound of the car engine. "Is he going to find Sarah? Is he..." Dorothy was about to run outside, but Bianca stopped her. "Don't go!" "Why can't I? He's going to leave us…" Dorothy burst into tears in desperation. "Dad is furious. Do you think you can stop him? All he thinks about right now is Sarah, the victim!" Bianca's gaze was ruthless. "No matter what, I won't let Dad divorce you!" Dorothy was consoled when she heard that. "Bianca, it's all thanks to you. Otherwise, your dad won't want me anymore." "How can I let Sarah and Anne have it easy? No one can take away what's mine!" Bianca gritted her teeth, wishing that she could tear them into pieces! Anne arrived at the hospital and asked the nurse to rest. Then, she sat bes

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