Chapter 518

Curious, Bianca walked over and picked it up. Then, she found it was actually Anne's information in detail, including the particulars of her graduating from high school and life abroad. However, the further she read, the stranger it was—Anne was pregnant and gave birth to triplets. Bianca was shocked. Anne actually gave birth to triplets? It was definitely real, as the document included the hospital bills as evidence. After that, Anne returned with her three children, who were all at Pinnacle Academy. It turned out that Anne gave birth to another man's children! Anthony must be suspicious, so he let someone investigate! What a surprise! So, the triplets she saw in the community that day were Anne's children! No wonder she did not like them! If Anthony saw the document, would he fly into a rage? Thankfully, Anne was dead. Otherwise, she would have been tortured mercilessly by Anthony! The smug and sarcastic Bianca froze when she turned to the last page, which was filled wi

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