Chapter 522

Especially if Nigel found out about it, he might ask her to reconsider her marriage with Anthony again! What a joke! She must be Anthony's wife! She was the only one with that qualification! The children must disappear. There was no way that she would cancel the marriage! "Why aren't you saying anything? What exactly is the matter? Don't scare me!" Bianca was very annoyed. "It's nothing. It's just work-related matters!" "You're not the wife of the King of Luton, Anthony. Who would dare to make things hard for you? Flaunt your status and see if they still dare to utter any nonsense!" said Dorothy. "I'm going upstairs and going to bed." Bianca got up. "Are you not going to the Royal Mansion? I remember that you're ovulating these two days, right?" Bianca got even more irritated when she heard that. She returned to her room and slammed the door behind her with great force. Dorothy did not understand what was going on. Could it be that Anthony had gone to Santa Nila again? He tr

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