Chapter 533

Dad wanted to get a divorce, but he could not, so it was very difficult for him. "Mom, what do you think?" she asked. "What do I think? Since when have my thoughts mattered? You are his daughter. Isn't it his duty to take care of you here? His love has been missing from your life for twenty years," Sarah said indifferently. "Actually, I don't care that much. I think it's enough for me to know who my father is." "You think this way, but not everyone thinks the same way. Dorothy knows that her husband has another daughter, Bianca, who inherited her meanness, and they hate you! They do everything they want because Anthony supports them!" Anne was silent. That was quite correct. Her mother did not know how the accident happened. If she did, she would be pissed. Yes, as long as they were alive, Dorothy and Bianca would try to get rid of them. However, Anne would not let them get their wish. "Don't you want them to divorce?" Sarah's eyes flashed. "This is not my decisi

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