Chapter 560

Anthony's gaze was as though he had wanted to pierce it right through her. This woman had been around him for so long, but she hid the kids all this while! He was pretty impressed by how she managed to put up such a good show, fawn at him, and please him. How dare she do it! Anne did not know what was on Anthony's mind when he looked at her intensely. It only made her feel even more anxious and nervous. Just when the atmosphere almost climaxed, she finally heard Anthony's monotonous deep voice. 'Why are you standing here?" "I… I had spent too much time in bed. It was a little boring. I wanted to go take a walk…" Anne looked down. She did not manage to zip the bag, and a corner of the phone could be seen. However, she felt that Anthony would not touch her mother's belongings. "I had walked a bit, and don't need any more walks for now." Anne then sat by the bed and snuggled herself in. She noticed Anthony was edging toward her and had her guard up. Especially when this

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