Chapter 562

"How did you know about the kids going missing?" Tommy asked. "Bianca deliberately informed me about it." "She knew about it, but Anthony did not know about it. This was a little hard to imagine." Tommy snickered. "Have you been in touch with Lucas? Are the kids found?" Anne asked desperately. "We are checking the surveillance footage everywhere. Moona's son is staying somewhere secluded, and there are not many surveillance cameras around. It will take some time. Don't you worry." "How can I not worry about them? They are only two years old, and they cannot even fight if they get caught…" Anne's eyes were watery again. As long as the kids were safe, she could even die for them. "Don't be pessimistic. Think of the bright side." As soon as Tommy finished his sentence, the phone in Sarah's bag rang. As if Anne could sense something, she said hastily, "Get me the phone!" "Your phone?" Tommy took out the phone and saw the string of digits on the caller. It looked somewhat famil

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