Chapter 574

Sarah was immediately provoked. "Dorothy, stop making false accusations! My daughter lives chastely, and that would never happen! Besides, I wouldn't possibly be unaware if she has children. You should get Kathryn to look at you if you've gone mad!" Nigel, too, felt that Dorothy's words were unbelievably ridiculous. "Am I making a false accusation? Ask her, then. Ask her if she's given birth to triplets; ask her if those kids belong... to Anthony!" Dorothy did not want to mention that they were Anthony's children, but she was far too frustrated. Ever since Bianca had told her about it, she could not remain composed. Nigel and Sarah looked at Anne dazedly and turned to glance at Bianca, who was trying her best to contain her anger. "Anne, this can't be true, right? Dorothy is a fool. We can't just take her word…" Before Sarah could complete her sentence, Anne interrupted her calmly, "I did give birth." "You…" Sarah choked on her word. "You, what?" Anne took a deep breath and look

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