Chapter 577

Her brothers did not look much like Anne. The female employee beamed at how adorable their voices were. "Can I squeeze your cheeks? Any one of you would do..." She was just dying to pinch their cheeks, as she already knew they were going to be soft to the touch. Just then, the office door flew open, and Anthony came back from his meeting. The employees immediately bowed their heads and left, not daring to overstay their welcome. "Who gave you all these snacks?" Anthony glanced through the fruits and biscuits on the desk, concerned that the triplets might not be able to eat their lunch. Chloe stepped on the chair and reached out to him. "Papa, eat this." "I don't eat sweets..." He opened his mouth and accepted the biscuit. Charlie walked over and looked up at Anthony. "Papa, are we not going to school?" "No." The look in Anthony's eyes darkened. "Why not? Everyone else goes to school!" Charlie questioned in confusion. "The others go to school because they don't have anyone to

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