Chapter 596

She rubbed Chloe's butt and said, "Mama will help you rub the pain away." "Papa did that, too!" Chloe said. "Is that so?" Anne did not feel reassured. If Anthony truly cared for the children, he should have avoided such a thing to happen to begin with. The children were still so young and only a heartless person would raise their hand on them. 'What a vicious woman she is!' Anne thought. 'She is going to become a mother someday. Is she not afraid of karma at all?' "Is Bianca spending the night here tonight?" Anne asked. "No. She made me cry and left without apologizing!" Chloe pouted. Anne held her children close to make them feel safe until they fell asleep. Even when she was asleep, Chloe still kept her hold onto one of Anne's fingers. Charlie was lying next to her and Chris was right next to Charlie, the four of them laid side by side like they used to, but Anne could not sleep until the situation was resolved. She studied her children's faces for a while, before getting u

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