Chapter 599

Anne wanted to take them with her, but also knew that it was not realistic for her to do so. Anthony stood by the side wordlessly, his intimidating presence enough to explain his stance. "It's nice here! You can live with Papa. You always ask about your Papa before, right? Isn't it nice to find him?" Anne asked. "Mama, are you mad at us for sneaking out to see Papa?" Chloe asked. "No, why would I be? Mama is happy for you. You are all so great to have found him!" Anne complimented them so that they would not feel burdened, since they were more mature than most of their age. Seeing how they remained silent, she added, "Stay here. I will come over if you miss me. You can always call me, right?" "You will come here if we call?" Charlie asked. "I will." Anne nodded. The triplets seemed confused with the living arrangement, they could not understand why their parents could not live together, and why their father was marrying another woman whom they hated. Anthony interrupted them. "

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