Chapter 603

Xander welcomed her with open arms. "A plane crash is counted as a work injury, so we managed to put it under your hospitalization leaves. I'm glad to see you back." "..." She looked at him dazedly. It was off enough for her to be paid for her time away, but it was ridiculous that they described her injury as a work injury. Naturally, she did not object as there was no reason for her to do so. Anthony was the one who caused everything, so she would simply consider it a compensation from him. Sarah was not pleased when she heard that Anne had gone back to work, and lectured Anne for over an hour when she went over to Sarah's house for dinner. "I was going to stay the night here, but I might have to go home if you keep that up," Anne said. Sarah bit her tongue and said, "Alright, alright. I won't say any more. I wonder who you got that temper from." Anne stared at her pointedly. "Not me. I'm not stubborn like you. Your Dad isn't like that either." "Then I guess I was just an orp

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