Chapter 605

Anne remained quiet. Sarah was right, and Anne knew well how her life was—aggrieved, exhausted, and tortured. Did she really want her children to be like her in the future? Thankfully, Cheyenne treated her very well, just like her own daughter. Yet, what about Bianca? Even though she was the children's aunt by blood, she acted just like an enemy. When Anne went to bed at night, she tossed and turned, finding it hard to fall asleep. She asked herself, did she really want her children to call Bianca their Mama? A voice in her head told her, "No! Don't! Absolutely not! That's my child!" As Anne did not sleep well the night before, she appeared to be in a low mood the next day at work, and her colleagues showed concern. "Anne, what's wrong? What did you do last night?" "You looked like you've done something tiring." "Duh. She's obviously tired!" "How's that possible? What made her so exhausted? That's impossible!" "You're not married, so you know nothing! I have nieces and

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