Chapter 622

"I'm already back at my own home." After Anne said that, there was a long silence on the other end of the call, which gave her so much pressure that she directly changed the topic. "I had just gone downstairs when I bumped into my dad. Fortunately, he didn't notice which door I came out from." "Are you afraid?" "I feel sheepish," Anne said honestly. "What did he say to you?" "He told me that you've gotten engaged but you've gone missing." "Whose fault was that?" Anthony accused her over the phone. "Who was the one who made me come down with a fever?" "Didn't you like it very much?" Anne pursed her lips and her expression was very awkward. The topic got weirder the more they spoke. "There's no need for you to send me food. I have it here. My dad prepared plenty for me. Go and keep your fiancee accompanied. She needs you to coax her very much right now." "Are you jealous?" Anthony's voice was slightly hoarse. It sounds like he was in quite a good mood. Anne did not say anything

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