Chapter 625

"Why should I talk some sense into her? Can't you tell that she likes Anthony? Never mind if you don't help her, but you even tried to deliver a blow to her. Is that what a father should do to her?" "Can't you tell that she's very miserable? If Anthony respected her a little, would he not appear on the day they were supposed to get a marriage certificate?" "It was because he was seduced by Anne!" Dorothy argued with him, "Just like Sarah. If she didn't seduce you, would you have initiated and slept with her? The daughter acts like that. The mother also acts like that. Have I owed them something in my past life? Now, they're even wrecking Bianca's happiness!" Nigel looked at her coldly. "You don't owe them anything, but you owe me! I initially thought that you can be a good wife, but have you achieved that? I regretted my decision back then. If I didn't marry you again, everything would have been fine!" "I have made a mistake back then, but I've always been making it up to you! Can'

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