Chapter 643

It seemed that their relationship was going in a good direction, but it suddenly took a sharp turn. Did she screw it up... Anne quickly ate the porridge one bite at a time. Tommy, who was sitting across from her, was expressionless, "Is everything you do necessary? Just for the sake of the children?" "You won't understand if you don't have children." Tommy would not understand. "I really don't understand. But are you going to stand up against Anthony for the sake of your children all your life? He can afford it. How about you?" Tommy said. "I'm only twenty years old. I could spend another ten years." "Which man would want you when you turn thirty," Tommy said. "I won't come to you even if I don't find a man, don't worry." Anne retorted. Tommy's eyes sank. This woman was really unpleasant. Seeing his cold face, Anne did not care. She did not ask him to come here. The last time the two of them had an unpleasant quarrel, she did not expect him to appear again. "Y

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