Chapter 648

"No, no, I want this one." "Okay." Anthony was pampering Chloe. Even if Chloe wanted the stars in the sky at this moment, he would find a way to pluck them from the sky. Except if she wanted Anne... When Anthony thought of her, his eyes turned cold. Next to him, Hayden noticed Anthony's changing expression and had a plan in his heart. At this moment, Anne did not know that her daughter was hospitalized due to her seafood allergy. She was shopping with Tommy. Anne was going crazy. "What is it with you and your shopping? You're a man!" "How ungrateful of you. I brought you out for some fresh air because I noticed you were in a bad mood." Tommy took a sip of coffee. "Why don't you drink your coffee?" Anne held her phone in one hand and coffee in the other. Her thoughts were all on her phone, and she forgot to drink. "Find a place to sit. Your feet are tired." "I'll rest there." The two of them went over and found a secluded corner to sit down. On weekdays, ther

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