Chapter 663

Sarah did not know what to say. She was worried and flustered. If Anne were convicted of murder, this would be serious! Anne was about to get off the car when they arrived at the hospital, but Sarah stopped her. "Are you really going in?" "Mom, wait here. I will go in and see." "How can I let you go alone? I will go with you." Anne and Sarah went into the hospital and headed to the operations theater. They saw Anthony, who was standing outside of the operations theater. Anthony turned around, his hawk eyes locked onto Anne. Anne told herself that she could not back out. She did not need to be scared because she did not do it. She went forward and said, "It was not me…" Before she could finish her sentence, Anthony's slap landed on her face. "Ah!" Anne lost her balance and fell to the ground. "Anne!" Sarah went forward and hugged Anne. "This is the punishment for you acting without thinking twice!" Anthony was emitting hostility. Sarah looked up furiously. "Anthony, p

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