Chapter 683

The scene in the video shook her to the core. A truck had run into the black car in the video. In the night, she could see glass shattering and the black car was sent flying, rolling down the streets for a few turns before stopping. The car was severely deformed and she could not see the person inside the car, but she recognized the car plate. Anthony stopped the video and took his phone away, before looking at Anne with his dark, brooding eyes. She held her breath and paled. "...Was my dad inside the car? Is he okay?" "He's been rushed to the hospital. They are operating on him right now." She snapped out of the initial shock and grabbed onto his arm, before saying with a quivering voice, "I'm going back. I'm going back...take me back!" He raised his arm and stroked her cheek possessively. "Mr. Faye will be fine, and I am definitely taking you back." "I'll go back. I'll listen to you." She could not be bothered by the twisted possessiveness in his voice. "My mom, mom i

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