Chapter 717

Anne walked over and carried them. "Let's eat first. Grandpa is still sleeping." "I-Is Grandpa not hungry?" Chloe asked. "The doctors will put Grandpa on an IV drip," Anne said. "I know…it's to replace meals," Chris said. "That's right." Anne forced a smile. While eating, Anne asked, "Mom, I heard from the nurse that you stayed here last night?" Since she was exposed, Sarah simply replied, "It's the same as living at home." "How can it be the same? What if you get sick?" Anne frowned. Sarah looked at the triplets staring at her, and she reluctantly agreed. "Okay. I won't stay here anymore." Suddenly, the ward door opened, and Bianca walked in. "That's right. You shouldn't stay here anymore. Otherwise, others might think he's your husband!" Anne's face instantly turned sour as the children were present. Dorothy joined Bianca. With a face full of mockery, she said, "Oh, you're having dinner? The triplets are here too. But did Anthony allow them to be here? Don't let im

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