Chapter 730

Just as she took out the clothes, she heard Anthony's cold and stern voice. "You're not allowed to leave!" Anne frowned and did her best to calm herself down. "I said I don't want to do it." "I won't touch you. Just sleep here." Anthony's voice was cold and unyielding. Anne looked at him in confusion. When Anthony turned around, he saw the water droplets on the floor that trailed behind her and his expression looked bad. "Clean up the floor!" "I don't want to. If you want it cleaned, do it yourself." Anne held the pajamas in her arms, walked past him, and openly went into the bathroom. She even locked the door. Anthony's expression was completely darkened. When Anne came out after taking a shower, the water stains on the floor outside had already been cleaned up. Did Anthony really clean it up? At that moment, Anthony was in his pajamas and was sitting on the couch in the living room. He was looking at her with a cold gaze. There were three bathrooms in the apartment. Clearly

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