Chapter 737

While thinking about it, the office door was pushed open without even a knock. Anne looked up and saw the person who came in and sighed inwardly. Of course, it was Anthony. "Papa!" the triplets called out. "Is Papa here to pick us up?" Chloe asked. "I don't want to go back. I want to play!" Charlie was not happy, and he fell on the sofa, refusing to leave. Anthony picked him up from the sofa and sat down. "You can have fun back home, can't you?" Charlie blinked his big, fierce eyes. "Is Mama going back with us?" "That depends on whether your mother is willing or not," Anthony said. The triplets looked at Mama expectantly. Anne was very stressed. Did Anthony do that on purpose? She could not refuse, could she? The kids would be sad and disappointed. "I'll go, I'll go." She had a forced smile on her face. "Yeah!" The triplets ran around excitedly. They left the office. Charlie and Chris ran ahead. Chloe took his Mama's hand and pulled open the door with

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