Chapter 740

Sarah thought for a moment, then said loudly, "Dorothy hit me. She wanted to kill me!" "Yes, I saw it on the surveillance cameras. She also said that she bumped into you, but it was by accident. Do you think that was the case? It wasn't very obvious on the surveillance cameras," Anne said. "By accident? They hate us so much." Sarah doubted that. "I know, but we have no proof." Anne frowned. "By the way, didn't you say you wanted to go on vacation on the sea with the children? Why haven't you gone yet?" Sarah remembered and asked. "I didn't because I heard you were hurt." "Where are the children?" "They're still on the yacht." Sarah said, "I think that's what they want. They want you to leave your kids! Leave me alone and play with the children! It's such a rare opportunity." "But I can't leave you alone. I don't feel safe with Dorothy and Bianca here." "It's okay. They can't kill me, can they?" Sarah did not think they would have the courage to do anything against h

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