Chapter 744

Anne was shocked and yelled, "You didn't stop him? Even if you couldn't stop him, you could have at least woken me up!" "Why would I wake you up? You like being with the children, don't you? The children must be very happy to see you!" Sarah said. "How could I leave you there alone? If Dorothy and Bianca mess with you, I won't have time to help you!" Anne said. It would take at least half an hour, even by helicopter. "Probably not. Anthony's bodyguards are guarding the door." "The door of your ward?" "That's right, I wasn't sure at first, but when I asked Dr. Brown, she said that it was to prevent people other than doctors and nurses from entering. Dorothy and Bianca won't be able to disturb me. It seems that Anthony wanted to make you feel at ease. Just go out and have fun." Sarah was in a good mood. Anne was surprised. This was great news. "How are you now? Does your head still hurt?" "It doesn't hurt very much. It's just a slight concussion, and I can just lie down

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