Chapter 751

He meant that all the seafood that was caught was not allowed to be eaten. He was just leaving them hanging when they wanted to eat seafood! Anne sighed. She really had forgotten about her seafood allergy. She even mentioned that she wanted to eat stewed eggs with sea urchins! When she turned around, she saw that the bodyguard was about to throw the sea urchin into the sea, so she hurried over to stop it. "Can you not throw it away? I can't eat them, but other people can. I want to give them away." The bodyguard was in a dilemma. After all, Mr. Marwood ordered him to throw it away. "It's okay. You put it aside, I'll go and tell Anthony about it." Anne caught up with Anthony. "Anthony, Anthony, can we not throw away the sea urchins? I'll pack it up and take it home to give them away!" Anthony looked at her sharply as if he wanted to penetrate her soul, and he said, "Keep them then." Anne looked at Anthony and could not help but feel happy. He had not given specific order

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