Chapter 759

Bianca's menacing eyes glanced at her. "A good person? Who are you to judge me? Even if I am a bad person, Anthony will still want me! You are only a play toy to Anthony, and you are not even on par with the masseur girls at the roadside shops. At least they get paid for it. What did you get? You are not worth a single penny! Also, I will be staying overnight in the Royal Mansion more often. It's better for you not to interrupt Anthony and me." Then, she left. Of course, Anne knew what she was to Anthony, but she would not let Anthony touch her ever again. Since Bianca was going to spend her nights at the Royal Mansion, she could bring the kids out! That afternoon, she went to the Royal Mansion and brought the kids to Sarah's mansion. She did this for two reasons. Firstly, she did not want the kids to be in contact with Bianca, and secondly, the kids could distract Sarah so that she would not keep thinking about Nigel. She watched the triplets having fun with their grandmothe

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