Chapter 766

Bianca's car drove to the Royal Mansion. As soon as she saw Hayden, she asked, "Where is Anthony?" Hayden was stunned. "Mr. Marwood is yet to return." "Yet to return?" Bianca could not believe it. Could Anthony really be at the office? Without further ado, she turned back to her car, slammed on the accelerator, and sped away. No matter where Anthony was, she was determined to find him. At that moment, only she could be with him. Other women should not have a chance at all! However, when she arrived at the Archduke Group, she was also informed that Anthony was not around either. Why? He was not at the Royal Mansion, and he was not at the office, then where could he be? Could he be at the hospital? Bianca then went to the hospital. She did not even knock on the door and entered Kathryn's office. Kathryn, who was treating a patient, looked up, "Ms. Faye, what's up?" "Has Anthony come here to see you?" "Mr. Marwood did not see me. Why? Is he unwell?" Bianca could not let an

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