Chapter 769

Their wedding photo? Why did he want to show her? As though she was possessed, Ashlynn walked toward the wall. Her hand got hold of a corner of the veil. She held her breath and pulled it down all at once. The veil fell gently to the ground. The wedding photo was exposed. The man and the woman's faces made Ashlynn feel as though she had seen demons. She was so terrified that she took a few steps back. Flashbacks of her memories replayed in her mind. The scenes that she could never forget intruded into her world again. Terrified, she turned her neck around so rigidly as though her neck was rusty. She looked at Corentin, who was wearing a sinister smile. Her soul was so terrified that it left her body. She kept backing away. "You… You…" "Say, how should I punish you for not recognizing your own husband?" Corentin, who was no longer in disguise, looked eerily scary. His facial expression was ferocious. No, how could he be Salvatore Yeager? He was dead! "You wished for me

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