Chapter 776

"It's okay. Dad never mentioned the Lloyds anyway. We will just ignore them. It's just business so let's not overthink this," Anne said. After leaving the hospital, Anne went to the Royal Mansion, and the triplets immediately threw themselves into her arms. "Ah... Hang on! Hang on..." Anne gritted her teeth at the soreness at her back. The triplets simply thought that Anne was playing with them and hurriedly crawled up her body. "Mama, we heard that you went on a business trip again?" "Is it hard to look after Grandpa's company?" "I want to help, Mama, so you won't be tired!" Anne stared at their faces and felt all the exhaustion that accumulated within her fading. She cupped their cheeks and planted a kiss on each of their chubby cheeks. "Alright. Mama will retire when you grow up. I'll stay home to laze away while you three go out to earn money." "Yeah! We will work hard!" Anne grinned from ear to ear. It was a good thing to raise them to be responsible. Besides, she did no

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