Chapter 77

They did not even need their mom to give them a reason now! When they went to the amusement park, Anne accompanied them to the merry-go-round and some other facilities suitable for children. After riding it a few times, she took the children to the next stop. Anne took a few steps and turned around to find that the children behind her were gone. She found the three little kids holding Cornello ice cream cones in their hands, their little faces looking up to the sky, and their little expressions looking stunned. Anne looked over and saw that the pendulum ride in the distance was swaying higher and higher, and the people above were screaming in excitement. She was a little dumbfounded. Cheyenne looked at Anne and could not help laughing. She had the same expression as the children! "Mama, I want to go on that!" Charlie pointed to the pendulum ride with his short finger. Anne hurriedly stopped him. "That's not for kids. Let's play elsewhere!" Cheyenne dragged the childre

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