Chapter 781

Anne walked out of the building and saw the black Rolls Loyce parked in the distance. She hesitated for a moment, before walking over. She had survived this far by the side of this devil, so she figured that she would not get killed simply over her recent discovery. The car door opened and Anthony's superior height was still obvious despite the fact that he was sitting, his intimidating presence oozing out of the tiny space of the back seat, and Anne tensed in response. She glanced at his face, before getting in and settling down on a seat that was furthest from him. She noticed the phone in Anthony's hand and mumbled, "You brought my phone? Thank y-" She reached out for it and immediately felt pressure around her waist as she was dragged over. "Ah!" She fell toward him and was immediately embraced against his body, the burning temperature of his skin transferred to hers through the thin layers of fabric between them as her soft body collided with his. Anne flushed and tried to ge

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