Chapter 785

She lied on the bed and trembled. "Getting hit by a car, cornered by some thugs...those were all your doing." "You realized that?" He kissed her tentatively. "How else will I trap you? I was pissed that you couldn't recognize your own husband. I shouldn't have..." "Ah!" She gasped and tried to push him away. "Salvatore..." "Call me Darling, like you used to," he breathed heavily and requested. Ashlynn shook her head in fear. "It's alright. You will call me that again sooner or later. Tonight is going to be a night that you will never forget..." He said, before kissing her obsessively. By the time Ashlynn woke up again, it was already the next day. There was no one next to her, so she laid dazedly on the bed to stare at the ceiling as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Are you awake?" Corentin walked inside with a plate of food in his hand. She struggled to get up and glared at him with fear and anger in her eyes. He sat down by the bed and stirred the soup gently. "You've been up

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