Chapter 79

Charlie raised his hand, touching the roof of the car. Anne's mood quavered slightly. ‘Exactly the same? Could it be Anthony? ‘Why would he be there?’ Anne thought inwardly. "Is it my cute Papa?" Chris asked. "Papa is dead!" Chloe reminded him. Charlie asked, "Mama, where's the picture of Papa?" "Ah, I'll go back and show you." Anne paused and then said, "That is definitely not your father. He might be a bad guy. If you see him in the future, you must avoid him, especially with your face hidden. Do you understand?" "Okay!" The three of them were puzzled, but they still listened to their mother's words. After getting home, they looked at the photo that Anne had taken out. The three kids sat closely and stared at the man in the photo with big eyes. Cheyenne pulled Anne aside and asked, "Who is it?" "I don't know. I got a random photo from the shop," Anne said. "Is this going to work?" Cheyenne asked. "I can't give them Anthony's photo, can I?" Charlie, Chris,

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