Chapter 841

The first time was her aunt, who was also killed, and the murderer was still on the run. She could not believe that her mother was gone too. They had just been separated for one day, and now they could no longer see each other. Why had God treated her like this? Why must it be her who lost her dad and now her mom? The housekeeper came over and looked at her. "Miss, what is that?" "My mother's ashes." "What..." The housekeeper was startled, doubting whether her words were true. Seeing that Anne was looking depressed, she had to believe her. That was unexpected news. "Where is the aglio olio cooked by my mother? I'm hungry." "What aglio olio? I didn't see any," the nanny said. "That morning, she said she made some aglio olio for me, and I hurried out without eating..." tears welled up in Anne's eyes. She felt as if her heart was bleeding. Why did she not eat the aglio olio made by her mother? She would not be able to eat it anymore... "Well, even if we do manag

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