Chapter 844

"Where did you go shopping?" Leta thought that was a strange question and asked casually, "You also want to go shopping? I usually go to Dingleton Street, the clothes there are cheap but pretty. Several of my colleagues like to buy clothes there." "I know, I've been there before." Hearing what she said, Leta got excited and started talking about clothes and the stores she frequented. Anne listened silently. Leta did not look like a murderer to her. Was Leta faking it? According to what Leta said, Anne could just take a look at the surveillance footage. If what Leta said was true, Leta would have an alibi, and her mother's death would have nothing to do with her. Since Leta had to go to class, she left after drinking a cup of coffee. Anne looked at the time. "I need to go back." "I'll walk you there." "No, I want to take a walk by myself." Knowing that she was in a bad mood, Lucas did not insist. "Call me if you need anything. I'll be there anytime." Anne nodded

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