Chapter 857

Anne called, but nobody answered. Her brain was blowing up. Why would it be Cindy? Who planted her by her side? She could not believe that her closest associate was her enemy! She immediately called Anthony, "I found out that the person who drugged my father could be Cindy!" "It's her. The investigation on my end found that Cindy had been to the pharmacy to purchase cantharidin. Where is she?" "I came to the hospital with her to discuss some matter with the person in charge, and we bumped into the staff of the Aesthetic Clinic. She recognized Cindy, who had removed her mole at the clinic. Cindy felt guilty, and now she had gone missing. You could catch her, couldn't you?" she said desperately. "I could." Anne felt relieved to hear Anthony's confidence. However, after getting into the car, Anne still felt anxious about the situation. She called Ken and gave him Cindy's residential address, and asked the driver to go over quickly. It was a small residential area, with a lot

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