Chapter 85

Anne turned back and looked at Michelle who was arrogant, feeling unlucky. She did not want to have any conflict with Michelle. Michelle looked contemptuous. "Anne, it's been a long time since I've seen you. How much more shameless can you be? You were chased away, and yet you still return. Are you so short of men?" "I need his help with something." Anne looked upset and she really had nothing to say to such a snobbish woman. "Something? Is it about the Marwood family? Don't come here anymore. Anthony will never forgive them. It's no use crying and begging. Do you know why Anthony would not see you? Because I'm here, of course, he doesn't have the time to talk to you." The security guard pressed the elevator buttons for Michelle before she walked in. Anne looked at Michelle's smug face behind the elevator door. She knew that if she could not do it today, it might not be possible to find Anthony tomorrow. Anthony never promised that he would let the Marwood family off th

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