Chapter 883

As soon as Bianca's face recovered, she could not wait to head toward the Archduke Group. However, she could not find Anthony in his office and went to ask Oliver about him. "Where's Anthony?" "Mr. Marwood is not working today." "You said the same thing yesterday. Are you trying to trick me, Oliver?" Bianca questioned sharply. "I wouldn't dare to." Oliver bowed his head. "Mr. Marwood has some important business to take care of." "And what is that?" "He did not say." Bianca sneered, knowing that Anthony was occupied because he needed to stay with Anne, who was pregnant with his child. Her heart twisted in jealousy. Every second she waited for Anne to die seemed like an eternity. The elevator door opened and Anthony walked out. Bianca hurried over elegantly. "Here you are, Anthony. What a coincidence. I've just arrived." She knew that they were meant for one another and Anne could only hope for such a fateful match. Anthony's expression darkened. "Yeah." Bianca followed him i

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