Chapter 891

'Why is he here? Is he invited to this birthday party as well? He didn't mention anything to me just now...' Ashlynn thought. Before she could wrap her head around what was happening, a figure darted past her. Meredith hurried over to Corentin. "Here you are, Corentin. I thought that you won't be coming to my birthday party. I know that you care about me..." She stilled before she could finish her sentence, as Corentin had ignored her and continued to walk past her, before stopping in front of Ashlynn. The others instantly wondered if Corentin was truly seeing Ashlynn. They had all seen the way Corentin ignored Meredith and Meredith's expression darkened. Someone decided to add fuel to the fire. "Mr. Lloyd, this lady here brags about being your woman. How could a woman this arrogant be associated with you? She can only dream about it." Ashlynn frowned and thought to herself, 'I wouldn't have said that if I knew he was coming.' Corentin lowered his face until it was inches away fr

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