Chapter 904

If Anne wanted to recover, she had to leave Anthony. She could not stay by his side and had his baby. She was not mentally ill, and she had human rights. All the hurt Anthony caused her began to magnify in her heart, on the verge of exploding… When Anne walked out of the restaurant, she thought the sunlight was extremely piercing, and she felt very uncomfortable when it shone on her body. "I want to go back…" Anne turned around and got into the car. Anthony was afraid she would be in a bad mood, so he compromised and took her back to the mansion. As soon as Anne got home, she went upstairs. However, just as she stepped on the first step of the stairs, she felt her body lighten and was carried by someone. Yet, Anne did not react. Anthony placed her on the bed, saying, "Take a nap. I'll be here with you." "Get out…" Anne's voice was soft, only loud enough for Anthony to hear it. His face slightly darkened, but he restrained his emotions and said, "Lie down properly." Aft

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