Chapter 909

As soon as Anthony got out of the car, the three little ones hurriedly surrounded him, standing before his long legs. "Papa, why are you home at this hour?" "Papa, did you go on a date with Mama last night?" "Where's Mama? We haven't seen her in so long!" Before Anthony could answer them, Chris noticed the blood on his hands and asked, "Papa, is that blood on your hands?" Anthony clenched his fists and said, "No. It's just paint. Let's talk about it later. I'm going back to my room." Then, he directly left the triplets. The triplets looked at Anthony's back, confused. Why were their Papa's hands stained with paint? Was he painting just like them? Anthony turned on the shower, letting the water wash over his body. The clothes he took off were thrown on the floor next to the shower. The water under his feet instantly turned into a pool of bloody water. Anthony was shocked, and he stared at the bloody water, appearing stiff. It was all blood from Anne's body. Anthony

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