Chapter 915

"You only relatives left are the children and me." "My mom passed away too?" "Yes." Anne blinked a few times and bit her lower lip, deep in her thoughts. Anthony was so moved by her appearance that he wanted to step forward and take a bite. However, he just clenched her little hand tightly to restrain himself. "T-Then why did you marry me?" Anne was curious. Just as Anthony was about to answer, the ward door was pushed open with a loud bang. He could not help frowning when he saw the three little ones jumping in. "Mama!" "Mama!" "Mama!" It had been a long time since they saw their Mama, so the three little ones were running over excitedly with their short legs. "Mama, you're sick!" "Papa kept it a secret. He didn't tell us. I'm angry!" "Mama, did you hurt your head? Is it painful?" The triplets stood at the edge of the bed, holding the edge with their little hands. Their mouths opened and closed as if they were crying piteously for food. It was so cute that Anne was

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