Chapter 919

Anne was enveloped in Anthony's arms and she did not dare to move. She seemed to be having a taste of this strange feeling that was making her heart pound at the same time. "Did we…sleep like that in the past?" She asked softly as she was slightly self-conscious. "Mm-hmm. Don't be nervous. It'll be fine after a few more nights." Anthony lightly caressed her back with his hand. He did not make things up this time. They were indeed in this position when they slept together in the past. It was just that she was forced by him. As Anne was caressed by Anthony's big palm, she gradually relaxed. She then felt that the arms, in which she was laying, were like a nest built for her and had given her a great sense of security. Anne thought of something and touched the gauze on her head. "Will I press against the wound if I fall asleep?" "No, you won't." Anne did not know why he was so certain. Not long after she nestled against the sturdy chest, she could not help but look up at Anthony

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