Chapter 922

"Oh. Thank you for your efforts," Anne said after clearing her throat. "I'm very happy for the trust you put in me, Ms. Vallois," said Xander. After that, Anne came in contact with Ken and her assistant, Deirdre Doyle. She had lost her memory, so she could not recall which person was not right. She just wanted to do her job well after she recovered and live up to her father's expectations. She had forgotten her loved ones, but that did not mean she had no idea what her responsibility was. After they left the company, Anne thought that they would be returning home. She did not expect that they would go to the Archduke Group as well. Anne was secretly astonished throughout the whole way from the entrance to Anthony's office. It was after she entered his office that she said, "Your company is so huge." Her company could not compare to the Archduke Group at all. When Anthony saw her shocked little face, his black eyes trembled slightly and he walked toward her. His tall figure to

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