Chapter 961

Anne was nervous when she heard that. The deceased was Bianca's mother, while Anne herself was the suspect. Would Bianca go easy on her? She held Anthony's arm nervously, and tears rolled down her eyes. "Don't go, don't leave me alone here, I am scared…" Anthony held her tiny hand. "Don't be scared. I will be right outside, and I will be right back." "Don't go…" Anne shook her head. "Not only will I not go away, but I must also bring you out of here today," Anthony said in a deep and heavy tone. Everyone in the interrogation room could hear him. He caressed Anne's pale face gently. "Just be good. I will be right back." The words 'just be good' pierced right through Anne's heart like a curse. Her hand on Anthony was taken away; her fingers wanted to get hold of his sleeves, but she found them stiff. She watched as Anthony left the interrogation room, and then the door of hope was closed, leaving her in the dark. Would Anthony be back? Why did he want to see Bianca as soon

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