Chapter 963

There was no mercy at all. The residential area was rather secluded. There was no surveillance camera, and they could not find another suspect. Marco's years of experience told him that something did not add up. Nothing, in particular, was suspicious, but his gut feeling told him so. Of course, he could not rely on his gut feelings to resolve the cases, but they had to have concrete evidence. After all, he would continue to find out other suspicious points. Otherwise, Anne would be the accused as the murderer. It was already two in the morning when he was back in the office. He did not prepare to go back to sleep. His superior gave the order to get to the bottom of the case. Otherwise, they would all have to pack their bags and go home! Marco did not expect that Anthony would back Anne. This man would cause an economic catastrophe to the country if he just stomped his feet. Honestly, Marco felt stressed. Then, Bianca came by. Marco, who was smoking while going through

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